Working It Out Together

If you’ve seen some of our advertising, or the Club Policies form, you might notice this phrase… Century Fitness is committed to providing an enjoyable and safe environment, where everyBODY fits in.

You could say we are a bit different – and that’s okay.  We strive to be your friendly, neighborhood club, not the “club in a box”.  To accomplish being different and better we need everyone’s cooperation.  So, feel free to let us know how we are doing.  Let’s all enjoy working it out together.

One thing we have heard about more recently is sometimes members forget where they are and strike up a conversation on their cell phone in a place other than the lobby.  This can even happen in the sauna and spa rooms! To ensure that all members have an enjoyable experience, please remember that cell phone calls are only permitted in the lobby. However, texting is always fine if you need to get in touch with someone because texting is both private and quiet.

A special thanks to all the members who have been so courteous towards others.  We see it often; a member holds a door for another, someone helps move a bench or other equipment.  We also notice the encouragement people give to others, such as a member who has tried a class for the first time and other participants saying, “great job!”.

Thanks again for being awesome!