By your Century Fitness Training staff

Century Fitness has expertly designed two different circuit workouts that are amazingly effective. Members can choose from the 30 Minute Express Circuit or the brand new HIIT Zone. Our Fitness staff is always happy to assist you and free training is also offered on an unlimited basis by appointment.

The 30 Minute Express Circuit accomplishes a full body challenge with familiar equipment. The circuit focuses on muscle endurance and strength while still providing some cardio stimulation. The 30 Minute Express Circuit is a “paced” circuit with the goal of making it through all 15 stations twice and in order (of course). This type of workout gives a very good boost to your metabolism putting your body in a fast calorie burning mode for hours after the workout.

HIIT Zone (High Intensity Interval Training) is a power style workout with some explosive movements (or at least a good spark), which tests your body’s ability to keep up at a higher intensity level. Highly specialized equipment keeps your heart rate high in the training zone (almost like sprinter level) and the rest of the stations require recruiting large muscle groups. You’ll feel the effort needed at every station and get about 30 seconds to catch your breath. Go through one time and you’ve done a great workout – go beyond that and you are into bonus results! This is a step up from the 30 Minute Express Circuit, but any member in decent condition can adjust to their own personal level – so give it a try!

Our goal is for every circuit participant to have the best most effective workout. Since circuit training is a very specific workout, it is necessary to abide by the circuit flow and timing in both the 30 Minute Express Circuit and the HIIT Zone.

Here is a rundown of important procedures:

  • ALWAYS go in order to the next station, which is a counterclockwise direction. Follow the stations or zones as they are numbered – NEVER jump ahead or back.
  • Ideally start on the first station or zone. In the 30 Minute Express Circuit you can find an open machine to start with, only if there is at least one empty station behind you and the beginning area is busy. In this case you’ll just complete the circuit where you started.
  • The exact timing systems are key factors to ensure all participants remain in sync and get the best possible workout. Green=Exercising; Flashing Green=Keep going but prepare to stop; Red=Stop, wipe and move to the next station/zone. For the HIIT Zone only, when on a sprint machine, the Yellow Flash means to sprint faster (like kicking in the turbo, or “warp speed” for you Trekkies).


Enjoy our 30 Minute Express Circuit and new HIIT Zone that have been created with your results in mind. Circuit workouts are all about the time and order, so they must be performed as they are designed. If you plan to do sets or put together your own workout, then just head upstairs to the Strength Training Area, or over to our Functional Room.