Getting started at Century Fitness is easy thanks to our great choices and outstanding value.  Getting on the right track is just as easy with our unlimited and free instruction! We like to include – not charge extra. So you can enjoy the heated pool, dry heat sauna, steam room, hot tub and aromatherapy room.  And also enjoy doing your cardio while watching your own personal T.V., take Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, HIIT, and a whole schedule of other premium classes, all on us!

Our flexible options such as freeze time and transferability allow you to balance your life without worrying about wasting any of your time or money.

It is hard to believe that with all these included amenities we are able to charge our lowest membership rate ever! With memberships as low as $19.99/month, it is a great value that provides complete access to a full service Health Club.  Luxury fitness for less!

Our exclusive web Free Trial is a great way for you to experience what keeps our members coming back!