By the Fitness Staff at Century Fitness

We are so pleased at the number of members who engaged with us during our “Ask the Trainer Contest”. The Question and Answer format worked out very well. The questions were well thought out. All the trainers were excited to answer back usually by phone and sometimes by text.

The Free Prize Giveaway winner receives a four pack of 30-minute Personal Training Sessions valued at $112.

And the winner is…   Heather A. (Member since 2012) Congratulations Heather!


We try not to brag about Century Fitness and its features and programs. However, we will let members share!

Testimonial I

Working out by myself is never as exciting as having a small network to keep me motivated. Linda definitely keeps me accountable and comfortable enough to keep me coming back at 8 AM on Saturdays for TRX! Out of all the group classes I have tried in other gyms, and no matter how long I have been away, she always makes me feel at home. In one class she manages to challenge everyone at their own level, while still making you feel at ease. You’ll feel muscles you never knew existed! I always leave class feeling one step closer to my goals and a healthier version of myself.

Working out with Lauren has been the icing on my journey to self-improvement. The struggle is real when it comes to balancing work, life, and workouts. Having someone on your journey that pushes you, makes you laugh, and keeps your goals in mind is the energy boost that motivates you to keep going. I actually look forward to seeing the changes that happen after each session with her. She’s the knowledgeable coach that everyone needs in their corner.

Surisada R.

Testimonial II

I have been a member of Century Fitness since June of 2013. Through working out at the club, I have been able to lose weight however, last year I decided that I wanted to step up my fitness routine. I was looking for a trainer that could motivate, educate me, and help me reach my goals. Denise was the perfect candidate for the role…. My learning style is mostly kinesthetic (hands on). I needed a good teacher and a great trainer that could keep me on track and was someone with a personality that I could connect with.

Denise understands me as a person, and she is 100% on board to help me reach my goals. I am someone who requires constant coaching to maintain form and posture, which is something of a struggle. I have a few physical ailments that often prevent me from doing certain exercises. Denise completely understands and is able to work around it and in some cases troubleshoot a way for me to still tone those areas.

In the year we have been working together, I have been able to achieve a level of strength that I didn’t think was possible when I first started. I love working with Denise and learning from her. I had no idea what a kettlebell was, how to use a stability ball or even what TRX was when I began – and now I consider them some of my favorites. Century Fitness is a great facility with friendly staff and awesome trainers. I consider it my home away from home and plan to keep coming back to work and achieve success.

Stephanie W.

Testimonial III

My wife and I have been training with Linda for nearly four years. Although we thought we were in pretty good shape, at the time, we also thought that we needed an extra push.

Linda is the best trainer we have ever worked with. She brought discipline to our workouts but in a most delightful manner. Her affability, sense of humor and joy make our workouts hard but fun. And her focus and dedication to our health is so appreciated.

Whether we’re feeling good from head to toe or are nursing an injury or coming back from surgery, she has always adjusted our workouts to be best for our particular situation.

Linda is a 12 on a scale of 1 to 10.

B & D R.