About Us

As a club, Century Fitness of East Longmeadow is one of the longest enduring and most iconic clubs in the Greater Springfield area. The club has deep roots in outstanding member service and great value. Century Fitness is truly a “neighborhood” club that has evolved into one of the most well-equipped fitness centers. The club also offers luxurious amenities such as a complete pool and spa area at a rate no other club can offer. Luxury Fitness for less is a commonly heard theme at Century Fitness!

The owner, Todd, and his professional health & fitness team are committed to providing a great experience every time you walk through the door. They engage members in exciting activities including some of the best group exercise classes in the area. The qualified staff is eager to assist you and your needs –
whether it be fitness, wellness, health, or nutrition, they have you covered. Staying with a great plan and meeting your goals just got easier!

Members of Century Fitness will tell you they are proud to be part of a constantly evolving club, and just as importantly, a club that reaches out to the community. Extending friendships, partnerships and help to neighbors and businesses is a mission that Century Fitness takes to heart. Look for some of the more major themes and events that tie-in to the community on our social network pages.

If you have never visited Century Fitness, please come on in and say hello. If it has been a while, come back and see how we have changed for the better..changed for you!

Get started (413) 525-8800