We are excited to announce our official Spartan Coach, Linda, is traveling to West Virginia for the Spartan Beast North American Championship Qualifier on August 24th. This is a 13-mile course with 30 plus obstacles at the Summit Bechtel Reserve (SBR) in Glen Jean, WV widely known for its natural beauty. SBR’s vast array of hills, steep inclines, water features and technical terrain will test her athleticism like nothing else.

To qualify and get invited to this event, Linda finished 7th in her age group at the Spartan Boston Sprint on May 10, 2019. By ranking high enough in West Virginia, Linda would then be invited to compete in the Spartan World Championship at Lake Tahoe on September 29, 2019. Athletes from more than 30 countries have been competing at National Series Events and Regional Championships across the globe in hopes of qualifying for this course.

Please help us cheer on Linda as she “unleashes her inner beast” …as the Spartans say!