Denise Bonner Stone holds an Associate Degree in Health, Fitness and Nutrition, is a certified personal trainer and is Level 1 TRX qualified coach. She is a firm believer in functional training and likes to incorporate a wide variety of fitness equipment when working out. You might see her using dumbbells, kettlebells, stability balls, resistance bands, bosu balls- sometimes all in the same workout!

You’ve seen her around for sure – at the desk, teaching a class, training a client, working out herself, or having healthy chats with members about the latest training method or sound nutrition advice.

TRX Training – Special Offer!

TRX is a type of exercise in which you leverage your own bodyweight against gravity using the TRX suspension straps and can be used to develop strength, flexibility and core stability simultaneously. It is safe and effective for people of all ages and training levels.

Learn TRX with Denise (or advance your current skills) privately or with your training buddy!

Discounted applies to TRX training w Denise only, for a limited time:

  • 30-minute private TRX session – $25
  • 30-minute TRX for two session – $19 ea.
  • 60-minute private TRX session – $45
  • 60-minute TRX for two session – $32 ea.