By your CFit Trainers


This month we encourage you to change by adding something new to your routine. Any change can produce better results regardless of your current level of fitness and keep you more motivated.

The Fitness Industry continues to evolve offering improved methods of training. How many have you tried? Don’t hold back, we’re ready to help. Together, let’s get fitter and healthier than ever before!

We’ll start your CFit “To Do” list and leave room for more:

Core, Stability & Flexibility: ___TRX (Two levels of workshops plus personal training is available); ___Pilates; ___Yoga; ___Hardcore; ___Foam Roll; ___Cx Worx (LesMills Virtual); ___Physio or Bosu Ball Work

Strength: ___Muscles in Motion; ___BodyPump (LesMills Virtual); ___TRX; ___Kettlebell; ___Step & Sculpt; ___Upper-body & Lower-body Free Training

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training): ___STRONG by Zumba; ___TNT; ___KickMAX; ___ Small Group Training; ___Cybex SPARC ; ___Battle Ropes;

There are so many ways to train and progress the movements you may already have mastered. Even if you don’t change the exercises, you can alter how you train. For example, during strength training, you can employ these methods: 1-Super Slow; 2-Accentuated Negatives; 3- Drop Sets; 4-Super Sets. For combined training, you can use a timed circuit just like our CFit Express, or you can create your own. Another way to produce results, is to mix aquatic movements or an Aquarobics Class with dry land resistance movements, such as weights, resistance tubes, or medicine balls.

It’s time to challenge your mind and body; Ready, Set, GO!