By Yesenia Rivera, Group Exercise Coordinator

It is hard to believe that a year has come and gone, and that a NEW one is already here. I guess it’s like that old saying “time flies, when having fun”.

2018 was year of changes and innovation in the fitness industry and group exercise was no exception. Early on in 2018 Century Fitness introduced the latest fitness craze “Strong by Zumba”. SBZ is a very effective high intensity workout that has put a unique spin on challenging HIIT exercises by syncing the moves to music. The idea behind this was to take cardio exercise to the next level. The program just recently turned a two-year anniversary from its initial release by Zumba Fitness. Here at Century Fitness we have been running the program for almost a year, and I must admit, we were not sure if it was going to be well received by our club members. But wow, were we wrong! SBZ has been one of our most popular group exercise classes in the last year and continues to attract and grow in attendance.

2018 was not all about Strong by Zumba. We enhanced many of our group exercise classes to keep up with the newer fitness trends. We have formatted many of the classes to follow the HIIT format for a more effective workout as well as incorporated more “functional training” into our small group trainings.

As we enter this new year, we are looking to bigger and better things. We always strive to give the upmost in service and member satisfaction. Stay tuned to the continued changes and improvements to come. We have a whole lot in store for all of you as we continue the journey to better health and fitness. We started the year with our “New Year’s Revolution Event”, where we had member appreciation days and even had our first Zumba Glow party!

2019 will not be the exception for improvement and continued innovation for our fitness programs here at Century Fitness. We are proud to announce the addition of two new members to our Group Exercise team, Lauren C. and Jamie S. Lauren will be taking over one of our morning HardCore classes and Jamie is our new Zumba instructor for Tuesday mornings. We are very excited for what the new year will bring! We have so much planned for our members… stay tuned.

Happy New Year and Good Health!