By Yesenia Rivera, Group Exercise Coordinator and your Fitness Trainers at Century Fitness

This month we are highlighting our Yoga Classes.

Here at Century Fitness we offer “HATHA” style Yoga. The Hatha practice focuses on a safe and effective class that is welcoming to all levels.

Many people might not be familiar with the numerous benefits of Yoga, thinking of it as just a set of poses and stretches held for a period of time. There is more to Yoga than meets the eye. Yoga is a system of complete health and holistic fitness.

All bodily systems and functions will gain improvement through the practice of Yoga.

Not only will participants become more flexible, but joints will also be lubricated and cleansed, and bone density will increase. Posture will improve, which leads to the optimal functioning of organs. Yoga also helps to strengthen the immune system and aids in the healing of old injuries. Digestion and elimination becomes more efficient with continued practice.

Other benefits include: stimulation of the nervous system fostering more stable moods, muscle tone and strengthening, healthier breathing patterns, and a more efficient metabolism.

Ease and comfort in the body are a direct result of practicing Yoga. Serenity and inner harmony result through experience and connection.

So, as you can see the benefits are many and great. We invite you to try a class and experience the world of Hatha Yoga. You’ll be likely to make it regular part of your fitness routine!