February is here, and C-Fit has many new and exciting things happening! One awesome thing that will take place early in the month is our Group Ex program update. We will be adding entirely new live classes to the program, as well as making exciting changes to some of our existing classes. This will accommodate more of our members with busy schedules, so they can get to the classes they enjoy.

Last month we highlighted the “Strong by Zumba” class. This one is sure to be a great addition to our group exercise program. Its choreographed HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) format will surely make a great workout to add to any exercise routine.

We have made some changes to the format of our always popular kickboxing classes. Featuring a new name, “KickMax”. This new format will “max” out the workout to help “rev-up” the metabolic burn rate. This basically means that you will have a higher calorie burn in the one hour and a more fired up metabolism for hours after.

Our Step class, will also change format. It will become “Step & Sculpt” featuring three 20-minute segments (20-20-20).
The first segment will be the aerobic portion; with actual step-aerobics in this segment. The second segment will be for sculpting. The use of light hand weights will be highlight of the segment. Segment three will be on a mat for floorwork. This segment is reserved for abs and core strength.

Finally, the last change to our schedule, is for our Friday evening “Muscles in Motion”; it will become “TNT” which translates to (Tabata Interval Training) another form of HIIT.

We are so excited about the changes made to our Group Exercise program and can’t wait to see you try one, two or three of our great classes. So, go ahead grab one of our schedules and get set for great workouts that will surely help with your fitness journeys.