To recap a year in our Group Exercise classes we decided to ask a few of our most loyal class participants to give personal testimonies about their experiences.  We decided to ask five simple questions that would help summarize those experiences.  We asked: 1-how long they’ve been a member of Century Fitness; 2- how many classes a week they take; 3- the “why?” they take the classes; 4- if they had a favorite class; and 5-if there were any other workouts done outside of the classes taken.

W. S.

“I’ve been a member of Century fitness for two years and take five Group Ex classes a week.  I take the classes to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I enjoy the friendly atmosphere within the classes and like the variety of classes offered.  The flexible schedule allows me to maintain a good work/life balance.  My favorite class is “Strong by Zumba” and “the instructor is phenomenal”.  For other workouts I have done the 30-minute Express Circuit the club offers but prefer the classes for my workouts.  I love being a part of Century Fitness and would encourage others to try.

Y. G.

It is almost my one-year anniversary at Century Fitness.  As for classes I really try to take as many as I can a week, but average between 3-4 a week. I would say my favorite classes are “Hardcore” and “TNT”, but also “Strong by Zumba” is on the top of my “faves”, but because there are so many people in class most of the time, space becomes limited and that kind of disappoints me a bit.  When there are no classes at the different times, I go to the gym I do cardio (run), light weights and or bodyweight exercises.  As for the club, I love it here.  Thank you to the staff, instructors and trainers who do such an excellent job and I love the fact that I have become part of the Century Fitness family.

C. L.

I’ve been a member of Century fitness four years exactly this November.  I take two classes a week.  When it comes to group exercise classes I look for three main components: I want a challenge, good people/atmosphere, and a dynamic instructor. My favorite class is “Strong by Zumba”! I’d love to see a “Strong by Zumba” added on weekends.  For other workouts I train with a personal trainer. 

T. B.

I’ve been at Century for seven years. I take seven group exercise classes a week.  I take the classes for the motivation.  My favorite classes are “Muscles in Motion” and “TNT”.  If I do other workouts, they are at my home gym.