If it were easy to stay motivated to work out, then we’d all have rock-hard abs. The drive to get out of bed for an early morning sweat session or an after-work fitness class is elusive. We all at one point or another need that extra push to get moving. Even fitness instructors and trainers need some encouragement once in a while.

Here I will share a few ways we as Fitness professionals keep ourselves motivated and energize to bring out
the best in our clients.

1. Try a new class.
I encourage my class participants to try taking a new class. Most have their favorite instructor and may see them as great teachers, motivators, it’s why they don’t seek out to try other classes. But what most don’t think about is that we’re still students, too. Every so often I partake in another instructor’s class. This gives me an opportunity to see what other instructors are doing and get new ideas. “We’re all still consumers of group fitness.”

2. Allow yourself to a treat once in a while.
To stay on track with a healthy, balanced diet, one can still give in to temptation once in a while. “If I allow myself a treat, I’m less likely to overindulge or binge.”… “One glass of wine is perfect, but a whole bottle? Derailing!”
This eating strategy is the reason many nutrition experts say trendy or restrictive diets don’t work. One can end up craving the self-banned foods even more, increasing the odds of binge eating or falling off the wagon completely.

3. Plan a post-workout meal
Having a food in mind for your post-workout “nosh” (somewhere between a snack and a meal) will motivate you to crush your sweat session. Plan ahead, meal prep, and work on developing an eating plan that works with your schedule and will ultimately become part of your lifestyle instead of it becoming “work”.

4. Pump up the Jams
Music can be an incredibly powerful mood booster. In fact, research has shown that listening to happy or sad music can actually directly alter the way you perceive the world. “No matter what the situation is; an early wake-up call, sprints on the treadmill, or just having a life moment, music can gets me and can get you going and boost your energy levels.”

5. Give yourself a pep talk
Whether it’s your partner’s, best friend’s, or training buddy’s words of encouragement that stuck with you; keeping a mantra, a catchphrase or your own personal motto handy when you need a boost of confidence works wonders.