True or False

  1. “All Natural” on food packages means this food is as healthy as possible. (T or  F)
  1. “Lean Meat” means less than 2 grams of saturated fat per serving. (T  or F)
  1. “Less Fat than (fill in the blank)” does not necessarily mean low fat. (T or F)

(1.  FALSE- The term “All Natural” only applies to meat, poultry and eggs so there are currently no specific regulations for other foods, which may be unhealthy in terms of sugar, calories and lack of good nutrition.  However, food companies may be susceptible to lawsuits if proven the food is quite unnatural.      2.  FALSE- Lean Meats have less than 4.5 grams of saturated fat per serving.      3. TRUE-  A food such as potato chips can have less fat than the regular chips or some other chip made a certain way. But, the food can still be high in fat per serving.)

The term “Clean Foods” has popped up in the aisles of our stores lately.  Is this food washed well? Does it grow in cleaner dirt? Maybe less food residue on your dishes?… Well there is no official definition for this term and the food labeling advertisers are eating it up!  Clean eating is more of a movement and it is up to you.  Eating foods that are minimally processed, whole foods and fresh foods is one great step.  Cooking from scratch with whole and healthy ingredients is another way to “eat clean”. Also, being responsible to our planet by choosing foods raised or produced in environments that are sustainable.  Lastly, when you shop, you can support food manufacturers and farmers that have wholesome practices and are kind to the earth.


This article is intended to provide general knowledge of health and fitness principles and should not be taken as medical advice or used to diagnose health problems or for treatment purposes. It is not a substitute for medical care provided by a licensed and qualified health professional. Always consult your doctor or licensed healthcare provider for personalized advice on diet and exercise.