By your Fitness Trainers at Century Fitness

The benefits of exercising are far reaching at any age.  But your routine might look a bit different, and possibly very different, depending on such factors as; age, goals, and any health concerns.  Fitness methods also change over time. What worked for you 10 years ago might need to be adapted to something that is more effective and safe.

Your professional personal trainers, fitness instructors, and group exercise leaders here at Century Fitness study what is accepted and what is contraindicated.  For example, pulling down the lat bar behind your neck on a high cable is contraindicated.  Instead pulling the lat bar in front of you toward your clavicle is the safe technique. Another example is ballistic stretching (bouncing).  Ballistic movements are more for power training, but even athletes should never bounce while stretching.

Let’s look at some concepts that might apply during different stages in life:

Young Children (under 10 years of age)

Recommend: moderate to vigorous physical activity, games involving movement, activities such as biking, jumping rope, dancing and non-contact sports.
Advise Against: weight lifting of any kind, “adult level” sports play, long endurance challenges that might lead to overuse syndromes, overheating or dehydration.

Young Adolescents (to age 15)

Recommend: a variety of moderate to vigorous fun physical activity involving agility, skill and physical strength using multi-joint movements and low to moderate resistance, light stretching.
Advise Against: weight resistance machines which might not accommodate size and/or may overly isolate specific joints, heavy contact sports.

Mid-Teens (16 and up)

Recommend: all types of physical activity and sports at moderate to vigorous pace and regularity, multi-joint movements, plyometrics if applicable, exercises and stretches to prevent injury.
Advise Against: the use of heavy resistance without proper training, supervision and skill; concentration of heavy contact sports only.


Any exercise sport or activity that can be performed safely and consistently at your fitness level.

Golden Years (You decide the age because you are as young as you feel!):

Recommend: More exercises and activities that focus on core, stability, balance and functional movements.  Examples might be aqua exercise, Pilates, circuit training.
Advise Against: Check with both your medical provider and fitness professional to discuss any limitations.

Sources: AHA, American College of Pediatrics. Note: This article is intended to be provide knowledge of general health and fitness principles and is not medical advice.  Please consult with a physician if you have questions.