The CFit Staff Team is always ready to fully support our members!  We want to see you reach your goals to become as healthy and fit as possible.  

You’ve likely come to know a few of our staff members. We would like to introduce the entire CFit Staff Team.  Before we do, we’re going to brag just a bit.  

Did you know the owner of Century Fitness, Todd, has a degree in Physical Therapy and he is not the only one?  In fact, our staff members bring many talents and experiences to the team- from owning a Fitness studio, to pursuing a Ph.D. in Exercise Physiology, specialists in the latest group exercise classes, fitness entrepreneurs, nutrition author, accomplished competitors and experts in health! The list goes on and on…

These credentials in the Health & Fitness Industry help provide you with professional support.  Our passion and “extra special motivational superpowers” keeps it exciting to learn more from us. We are here for you… we are ready for you!

The CFit Team: All Member Service; Private/Small Group Training; Group Exercise:

Todd W

Caitlin D

Juan C

Paul D

Kim E

Linda R

John K

Lindsay J

Rosemary M

Jasmine B

Cathy D



Josh K

Denise C

Marianne W

Pam L

Rocco C

Jeff D

Dan I

Terrance S

Shavonne S

Mela D

Marty M



Dale W

Deb T

Matt R

Yesenia R

Dennis V

Frankie R

Juleyka R

Chris W

Lacey S

Honor T

Carole R

Sue H


Reggie H

Donna B

Gloria W

Carleen S

Mary L

Kathy C

Carole S

Migdalys S

Yesenia P

Mary L

Alexis D

Denise B