Working It Out Together!


Here are a few important points about the parking lot that will help everyone’s safety and maximize efficiency.

  • Watch for members walking in and out of the club when you are driving in the lot
  • Follow the designated pattern and be aware that there are two entrances and one exit (see below)
  • Enter slowly and be looking for cars that might be backing out
  • Please park large trucks and SUV’s in the back or on the outer edge, not against the building and not in the first row across from the building spots
  • Pull into the spots fully and open doors carefully


Entrance from N. Main Street (the hill)
and directional arrows.

Entrance from Benjamin Street at the Front of Elite Image.

Exit (the only one) further down on Benjamin Street

Oh, and if you are pedaling in on your bike, we have bike racks! ..and thanks for being green!