By your Century Fitness Member Service Staff

Our goal is to make your every visit as effective and enjoyable as possible. In order to achieve success, we look to our members to give us feedback. We continue to tailor our facility and programs based on member interest within the best of our ability. Some changes are fairly minor like adding new cooler drinks, others involve using space differently such as our new HIIT Zone. Regardless, we love hearing from our members.

Many members choose to come to us directly and feed us a compliment or make a suggestion. Some members also like us on Facebook and comment about a great class they had. Just as important, if there is ever a time when you feel like things are not quite to your liking, please let us know in person so we can completely understand your concern and then resolve the situation. Lastly, if you see a member who appears to not be following a particular policy, just come to us – that’s our job so you don’t have to worry at all.