Working It Out Together– Group Ex Classes

It is no secret that we have a phenomenal Group Exercise program! There are 42 exciting classes included with your membership and a huge amount of variety, so anyone can find classes they like.

Here are a few ways to make the Group Exercise experience great for all participants:

  • Ideally arrive early and get prepared with anything you need for class, such as a mat, small weights, physio ball, etc.
  • Use the locker room to secure your items; this way we can maximize the space in the room.
  • Feel free to bring water in the room (don’t forget to drink beforehand, too) – try to find a spot on the window sill for your water bottle or place it away from anywhere a person might step.
  • You’re probably very excited about the awesome class you are taking, but you cannot take any photos or video without express permission. Sometimes an instructor and the class might take a group shot afterwards for anyone who wants – and that might just go up on our Facebook page.
  • Clean, supportive sneakers are a great help so try to bring them separately.
  • Let the instructor know well before class starts if you have any injury or health concerns so you can understand the modifications.
  • Please do not arrive late. It is vital to be ready for class and for the instructor to know how many are in attendance and if everyone is all set. If you arrive late you miss the warmup and that is unsafe. Unfortunately, if you are more than a few minutes late you will not be allowed into the classroom.

We look forward to seeing you in the Group Exercise Classroom for great classes we know you’ll love!