Guest Policy 

Century Fitness, your friendly neighborhood health club, is always happy to meet your guests. Your guests are welcome to take a visit, in which they can take an informative tour and even try the facility for the day.  We give you an added incentive, when your guest becomes a member, you get one Free Month. 

Here is a rundown of our guest policy so everyone knows how it works: 

  • A one-time Free Day Pass is offered to first time users who are non-members giving full access to the regularly included programs and facilities.  A tour of the club is required prior to use.
  • Any guest must be 18 years or older and a local resident or person who works or stays in the local area.
  • Guests are required to adhere to all club rules and policies.
  • A former member that has not returned to the club in the past 12 months may be offered a Free Day Pass.
  • A guest fee of only $10 applies when accompanied by a member, under the following circumstances:
  1. A guest that lives beyond 25 miles of the club
  2. A returning guest or former member who has visited in the past 12 months

Note: Individual guest fees of $10 may be applied toward joining within a two-week period.

  • Unaccompanied non-local guests pay a $15 guest fee.