Now that Spring is on our doorstep we might be reminded how wonderful it is to see the sun, breathe fresh air, and have clean water. Thank you, Mother Nature, for all you do. How can we ever repay you?

Well, we all could make strides to be greener.
Here are some great tips that just might make you a top member of the Green Team:

  • Walk, or ride your bike (we have a bike rack) to your workout on nice days if you’re close enough.
  • If you happen to buy drinks from our cooler, or bring your own, please remember to recycle after your workout. The bin is right near the door on the way out.
  • Having a delicious protein shake? Ideally bring a reusable bottle, but please try to refrain from asking for a second cup for a few more sips – just chug!
  • When showering be efficient, so you use less water, and try to keep the water temp down.
  • Our newer cardio equipment have green TV’s that power down on their own. Some of our existing equipment does not, so please just turn off the TV when you’re done.