Working It Out Together – Clothing, Gear and Locker use

Well the cooler temperatures are here and that means more layers of clothing. But we are tough New Englanders, right?

Here are a few reminders to plan for during the season ahead:

  • Depending on what time of day and where you work out, a certain part of the club might be cooler or warmer. So, putting on layers is a good plan, this way you can adjust.
  • Remember to secure items of value either in the trunk of your car or locked in a locker.
  • Please remember when using a locker to always remove all your belongings, and your lock, when you are ready to leave for the day.
  • As you know, Century uses every available space for equipment and exercise areas. It is important to not put any bags or clothing on the floor or next to you while in any fitness area. We need to keep walkways and areas clear for safety reasons.
  • There are hooks for jackets in the new functional area past the Century Express Circuit.
  • Don’t forget to stay hydrated while working out, your cells still need a good supply of water even in the cooler months.
  • Please remember that we do not allow street shoes, boots, or construction boots. If possible, it is ideal to change into your sneakers once you arrive.

We appreciate all you do to keep Century Fitness running smoothly for every…”body” to enjoy!