Working It Out Together – Photography and Videography

These are amazing times when we can share something exciting or news-worthy with our phone. We certainly do not want to discourage anyone’s enthusiasm for a great workout, progress they made, or good times had with workout buddies. We do however want members to be aware that taking photos or videos are not allowed unless you have permission.

We have many safeguards in place to protect the privacy of our members. We do not want any photos or videos taken in a general area where a member may accidently end up in the background of the photo. If you want to pose with your favorite trainer or group exercise leader, just ask them first and then move to an area where no other members are.

Some special events such as a charity drive might also be an exception in which the club might ask members to be in a photo or video to promote the cause. The key is to get permission and make sure you frame the picture, or video, with only the willing participants.