Working It Out Together – Fitness Etiquette Tidbit

Members should feel welcome to use all areas of the club. It’s exciting when members try new training methods and equipment. However, some members might feel apprehensive.

A way to make members feel comfortable is to be a role model. For example, sharing equipment with someone you might not know. The term is called “working in” and it’s a two-way street.

A member who is using a piece of equipment might be approached by another who says, “Do you mind if I work in between sets?” The member who is using the piece of equipment would ideally be very willing.

If agreed to work together, then:

1- After each of your own sets, allow the other person to use the equipment.
2- Try to set the weight and other adjustments back to where they were originally.
3- Assist with loading and unloading weights if applies.

If for some reason the person is unwilling to work with you, then:

1- Be patient and have compassion for their reasoning.
2- Consider there might be a second or even third person working in already.
3- The user might be on their last set and is about to end (but are too out of breath to explain… maybe?)

Special Note: Someone might jump on your piece of equipment while you are resting or getting a drink. The best response would be, “Oh, I only have __# sets left, but you can work in if you’d like.”

Whew, we did it! We worked in working in!!