By the Fitness and Member Services Staff at Century Fitness

You might not notice, unless you’re in a helicopter, that we just installed a new roof with the best grade of materials possible. It’s nice to have a good roof over your head, since this is kind of your home away from home. The parking lot also has a nice new coating and bright lines.

As far as fitness space goes, we recently completed our HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) ZONE and members are loving the workout! Yes, it is a challenge, but at your own level. Do as much and as many as you can by the timing system. Check out the video series showing an entire HIIT ZONE workout being instructed by Denise Bonner-Stone with member Rich U., who absolutely did a fantastic job with every aspect of the new HIIT ZONE – thanks Rich!

Zone #1 TRX Rows

Zone #2 Assault AirBike

Zone #3 Push Press

Zone #4 SPARC Trainer