To honor the memory of Century Fitness member Jeanine N.., whose passion and dedication led to the creation of our recycling program, we have created the CFIT Green Team for any member to join. The purpose is to share ideas of how we can be more “green” both in the club and in our lives.

Do you know what the three arrows associated with recycling mean?

Yahoo Answers:

The recycling symbol has three chasing arrows. Each arrow represents one step in the three step process that completes the recycling loop.

  1. The first step is collection. This is when you put your recyclables into your curbside recycling bin or take them to a local drop-off center. The collected materials are then prepared to be marketed and are sold to a manufacturing facility.
  2. The manufacturing process is the second arrow in the recycling symbol. The recyclable materials are converted into new products and shipped to stores across the country to be placed on shelves as new consumer goods.
  3. The third arrow is where you, the consumer, purchase products made with recycled content. When you “Buy Recycled,” you complete the recycling loop.  

We also want to add another “R” to being Green:  Reduce – Reuse – Recycle – and now Remind.  Kindly remind others that being Green is easy and rewarding.  Remind friends and family about the many ways to better care for our Earth.  Maybe you could even influence your employer or some other organization to step up and be more Green.  Please share your successes, ideas or even questions in our CFIT Green Team Facebook Page… click here to join page