By the Member Service Staff at Century Fitness

– PART I –

In order to provide the best possible service, we ask all members to keep current with their information. If you have moved, changed your phone number or email address, just call us or see the front desk at your next visit. There are many reasons we access information such as sending you our CFIT NEWS full of helpful and “healthful” articles.

Another important update is to ensure we have your emergency contact info. We hope there is never a case when we need that, but even a minor situation may require us calling this number. We have recently upgraded our software and we have found some names are incomplete and occasionally we have no number at all.


Speaking of current information… we always encourage and incentivize members to use their actual routing and account numbers with their bank. It is way less work to manage for both the club and all members on our monthly dues system. Unfortunately, debit cards can be tough to manage because they can have many purchases on them that cause pending holds, they expire or wear out, and sometimes there is suspected fraud with big companies and your debit card gets re-issued with an entirely new number!

This is why we give a free T-shirt for using the bank info. We make it easy, too! Just stop by the desk to switch off the debit card and replace it with your routing and checking account number. If you do not have a check or the numbers written down, many times you can find your info on your bank app.