Working It Out Together– Group Ex Classes
Century Fitness Staff

FREE T-SHIRT! Just when you thought nothing in life is free, Century Fitness proves otherwise.

If you are a member currently being billed by a credit card or debit card, you can switch directly to your bank information and earn your Free T-Shirt.

It is a real win-win for both you and the club. The difference is that credit cards expire, chips wear out and sometimes the account numbers are changed due to breaches at a store or on-line. The same is true for debit cards, which also have some rules about pending transactions and even added amounts for some purchases such as gasoline. That means your dues could kick out and you might incur a fee or at least some inconvenience.

So just stop by the desk with your complete bank info.

If you do not have a check, your bank can write it on a card for you.

We will switch it right in front of you and give you your FREE T-SHIRT …which, by the way, is going to look fabulous on you!