Working It Out Together – Checking-In

Check it out! This month we’re writing about Checking-In!  It is so simple and easy… and of course all members are required to do this.  The great news is almost every member does.  So why bother bringing this up?

Top 5 Reasons Why Checking-In is Fun and Exciting! (slight exaggeration)


  1. In the event anyone needs to reach you for an urgent matter, we know you’re here and staff can come get you.
  2. There may be a message to update something with your membership plan.
  3. A few insurance companies and employers are starting to require a minimum attendance to get any reimbursement.
  4. If you referred a new member and hear “Congratulations”, you know we have added a free month to your plan.
  5. Checking-In utilizes forearm, triceps and deltoid muscles. See that, you already started your warm-up. Try alternating arms each visit!

To make Checking-In even smoother you can download an app for your phone.  One of the more popular apps is called Key Ring.