By your Member Service and Fitness Staff at Century Fitness

Glutamine (Add-in)

Swiig is our protein shake bar supplement provider offering a wide variety of well know supplements made of vitamins, minerals and whole food products.  Glutamine is an amino acid produced and found in the body and in foods such as nuts, yogurt, milk, poultry, fish and bone broth. 

Individuals who choose to supplement with glutamine are likely to do so after intense training.  Others might choose to benefit from glutamine if they have certain medical conditions, are recovery from injuries or undergoing chemotherapy.  Glutamine is depleted from muscle stores during training and can take time to return to the level that is optimum for muscle recovery. 

Glutamine is high in nitrogen which plays a key role in transporting nitrogen to muscle cells.  According to Livestrong, “Nitrogen is needed for normal growth, cell replacement and tissue repair and the production of new cells.  Your body is constantly recycling nitrogen from amino acids. If amino acids are not used for protein synthesis, they can be broken into components, including nitrogen, to produce energy”.

Note:  If you have a sensitivity to MSG (mono-sodium glutamate: food flavor enhancer), then Glutamine might not be the best choice for recovery supplementation.

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