Nutrient Timing – Q & A

By your Fitness Trainers at Century Fitness

Nutrient Timing has been getting a lot of attention lately, especially for those who are kicking their training up a notch. Let’s shed some light on this legitimate fitness and nutrition factor.

Q. Should I eat before my workout?
A. Yes, but it depends on when you will work-out, the intensity and duration of the workout. What type of food and the amount you consume is also an important consideration.

Example: It is 9:30 AM, I haven’t eaten since 7 AM, which was a normal balanced breakfast. I will be doing the 10:30 Zumba class – should I eat something? Since the exercise session is less than 90 minutes it is not vital to consume a pre-exercise food prior to class. A light snack is fine, such as a granola bar that is low in simple sugars and very low in fat. It is never a good idea to ingest a food high in fat when you are getting close to your workout time. Ideally, only eat or snack an hour (or more) before the workout. Choose a food that you know is tolerated well with your digestive system. Don’t forget your water!

Q. Do I eat carbs or protein after a rigorous workout session?
A. Yes, both! Replenishing your glycogen stores with carbs is very important for recovery. This is the time to take in simple carbs or carbs considered to be high glycemic. Also, get a fast-acting protein such as whey in combination with your carbs for repair and recovery. Some studies suggest having both the carb and protein together increases growth hormone response, which is a good thing!

This article is intended to provide knowledge of general health and fitness principles and is not medical advice. Please consult with a physician if you have questions.