By Dan Ingram and the Fitness Staff at Century Fitness

It looks like we are winning so far! Members have engaged in more programs and are discovering new ways to reach their goals. We are proud of our members and their determination.

Our New Year’s Revolution week-long event was quite exciting:

  • More members learned the benefits of TRX in the year’s first workshop.
  • The bonus Group Ex class was a Zumba Glow Party with special black lighting.
  • Member Appreciation Day was a chance to engage more with members by having extra staff on hand and give away some freebies and prizes.

We truly enjoy hearing stories of success from our members. So many have really progressed well on their journey to better health and fitness. We understand it isn’t always easy making time to pursue your goals. It takes focus to step up your workouts and maintain the habits, like eating clean, necessary for improving fitness.

Whether you are restarting your exercise program or looking to advance, in order to reach success, it all begins with the right attitude. Having a positive outlook and a well devised plan will start you on the right path. We often place needless limits on ourselves with our own minds. We envision only accomplishing so much for one reason or another. Instead, try not to think about limits, rather focus on a journey without bounds.

Good luck in 2019!