A Closer Look at the Benefits of Group Exercise and Class Descriptions

As we begin our journey exploring Group Exercise at Century Fitness, let me say that as an experienced instructor “Group Exercise” is extremely beneficial to the members. There are many times when people don’t have the motivation to exercise for various reasons; ranging from running a busy schedule, no buddy, to having no idea where to begin or how to set up a routine. Which now leads me to explain and give you a different perspective about “group exercise” and how it is such a great way for everyBODY to begin, maintain and even challenge their exercise routine.

You may ask yourself, “But why should I consider taking a group exercise class?”

There are many great benefits to group exercise that one cannot get working out alone. First and foremost, it is a great opportunity for social interaction, something that seems to be shrinking in today’s society, and can be practiced while working out with a group of people. Secondly, exercising in a fun environment, with the motivation of a professional and experienced instructor to guide you through from beginning to end is a great plus. Thirdly, getting a safe and effectively designed workout with a consistent schedule gets proven results. And lastly, with group exercise, no prior exercise knowledge or experience is required.

It’s a “Win-Win” situation all around!

Now let’s go through a couple of the classes offered here at our club; to hopefully open up more curiosity, and in turn, get you into one or two of our classes.

Let’s begin with Pilates. What is Pilates? Well, put in simple words, Pilates is a series of movements that will help stabilize and strengthen your core. The exercises are usually done in a specific order, one right after another. This type of class is a good choice in addition to cardiovascular and weight training workouts. It is done in about an hour and “all fitness levels” are welcome. Most of the exercises are performed on a mat. Instructors also recommend bringing a towel and a small pillow to rest the head on while laying down.  Modifications will be shown in class as needed so that everyone regardless of age, size or fitness level is able to perform the exercises. Pilates is considered to be a great addition to any exercise routine for its benefits of strengthening the core to improving posture. As a matter of fact, major sports teams seek to employ Pilates coaches to help their athletes enhance performance. Ultimately Pilates will help enhance people’s abilities to do everything from daily everyday activities to improving the performance of professional athletes.

Our second pick of this month. TNT (Tabata Interval Training) ,is a form of high intensity interval training or HIIT. Tabata Interval Training differs from the traditional HIIT class because it sets up four-minute-high-intensity blocks called “Tabatas”. Within these blocks there are 8-rounds in which participants will alternate between 20 seconds of max training followed by a 10 second rest. These classes are fast-paced and a lot of fun. They are highly effective and have a propensity to burn tons of calories. The variety of exercises is endless with this class. Little to no equipment can be used in one class where another class will incorporate bands, dumbbells, kettlebells or barbells for added resistance and building strength along with endurance. This class is appropriate for all levels, due to the instructors’ abilities to show modifications of some of the exercises, but do note that this is a mid to high intensity workout.

Yesenia Rivera

Century Fitness Group Exercise Leader, Member Service

As a Group Exercise Instructor, my passion is to motivate and inspire others to lead a healthier happier life through exercise. I hope I have accomplished that by giving you an idea of how beneficial, fun and exciting joining a group exercise class can be. I also hope to have opened a new avenue for many to pursue another choice for exercising at our club. Here at Century Fitness we are always striving to bring the highest quality of services to our members and with that, the best Group Exercise Program!

So, let’s see lots of new faces soon, joining our excellent classes!