Fall Back into your Fitness Grind!

Summertime is over, and Fall is here with shorter days and longer nights, which in turn means people return indoors with fewer options to stay active. Time to go back to your club!  Now is the perfect time to get back in the game with the newest addition to our Group Exercise program. STRONG by Zumba®

STRONG by Zumba® is a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training); it uses fast-paced rhythms like Hip-Hop & Latin beats and fuses them with many other genres to get the students 100% focused on the moves instead of counting reps.  Music is the ultimate motivator in the SBZ class.  It pushes you through your workout, through one last rep – and then one more.  Knowing how powerful the effect of music is on a workout, the creators of the program wondered – what would happen if they synced the moves in a high-intensity workout to a beat?  So, the process was reverse-engineered for the music in SBZ to match every single move. Moving in sync with music makes class participants consistently push themselves past their limits and meet their goals faster.

Here in our club we have four SBZ licensed instructors who will definitely bring in the energy and motivation needed to get you back on track and crush your fitness goals.

Take the opportunity to meet each and every one of them:

Our lead instructor who is currently teaching both of our classes, Yesenia Rivera.  In addition, we are fortunate to have Yesenia Perez-Algarin, Jeff Dalessio and Stephanie Sanabria.  All are also Licensed to teach Zumba fitness classes, too.

If you have not tried a class, we invite you to join in the latest craze in fitness.  See our Group Exercise schedule for times and days and look out for an upcoming SBZ Demo.