By your Group Exercise Leaders and Fitness Trainers at Century Fitness

Taking any Group Exercise class at Century Fitness is a great idea! Each month we highlight a certain class style and more benefits of participating in Group Exercise.

Here are two outstanding benefits:

  1. Excitement. Yes, excitement will happen with all that wonderful group energy, fun music (most classes), and a talented instructor that offers new ways to challenge yourself while having a blast!
  2. Motivation. Have you ever come up a little short on motivation?  You arrive, look around at the machines and struggle to plan your routine.  Well no need for that with Group Exercise – just walk in the door and let your leader give you a heavy dose of motivation. In fact, you will be so motivated that you’ll likely plan to make Group Exercise part of your routine!

This month’s featured class is Muscles ‘n Motion.  Just the name alone says a lot.  Your body was designed to be in motion during waking hours.  As society has become more modernized we are moving less.  Muscles ‘n Motion will get you moving and take it well beyond.  The benefits of this class are far reaching:

  • Increase Muscle Strength for the entire body using both major muscles and stabilizing muscles head to toe. This is really important for injury prevention, keeping up with daily life activities, posture and bone health, too!
  • Obtain Muscle Endurance throughout the body. Endurance will help your staying power and energy for anything that comes your way!
  • Improve Core strength and stability. Keeping your spine healthy and supported will help stave off those back aches and other pains and may certainly help improve the typical back issues.
  • Expand Cardio capability with this swift-paced class. Your heart rate stays high enough to get aerobic training benefit.
  • A supercharged Metabolism will burn more calories. Muscles are the machinery that burns body fat… so get those Muscles ‘n Motion.

Excitement, motivation, variety, body sculpting and amazing health benefits… that’s Group Exercise!  Get in and get going!