Working It Out Together – Be a member of the Green Team, too!


Since you are already a member here at Century Fitness, your friendly neighborhood, awesome club… then why not join our Green Team? It is not an official team or club within the club, but simply a lifestyle of good choices that show kindness to our planet.

We want to make “being green” an everyday affair even though last month was Earth Month and Earth Day. Century Fitness has made strides to use less energy, recycle more and use greener products.

Here are some ways to be greener with your workouts and lifestyle:

  • Bike or walk to the club if you are close enough and that can be your warmup or cardio!
  • Bring your own towel and keep it with you to cut down on single use towels and wipes.
  • Recycle/rehome/repurpose your gear. Old electronics and even textiles can be recycled (see Someone who is less fortunate than we are would love your old sneakers.
  • If you enjoy our Healthy Blendz Shake bar, feel free to bring a reusable container or shaker bottle in place of our cup, lid and straw.
  • Please use our recycle centers located both in the front lobby by Express and the custom built recycle center in the pool area.
  • Choose healthy more earth friendly products such as plant-based protein.

Remember, fitness and wellness by definition relate to how well you survive in your environment and how much consideration and care you give back.