Working It Out Together – Exercise Safety

You have many great options for your workout routines here at Century Fitness. We add popular fitness trends to the best of our ability. For example, we have a variety of equipment for functional training such as TRX Suspension and medicine balls, the latest group exercise classes, and even advanced equipment such as the SPARC by Cybex or Spin Bikes.

When taking on a new exercise challenge for the first time, please ask for assistance. Even though you might be a fast learner and you either saw a member performing a certain exercise, or looked it up on the internet, it is still worthwhile to seek us out. Generally, there is a staff member who can break away and help you.

Common exercise routine mistakes:

  • Imbalanced routine (too much emphasis on a certain type of training or body system)
  • Lack of proper warm up or cool down
  • Not performing full range of motion or focusing only on single joint movements
  • Body out of alignment and/or not engaging core properly
  • Handling too much resistance instead of moving up progressively
  • Using momentum instead of using the muscle(s) involved to do the work
  • Not changing or progressing a routine, which should be done at certain intervals depending on your goals

Perhaps your routine is stale or really needing a new direction, then consulting with a CFit Personal Trainer is a smart choice. Our trainers can develop a customized plan and teach you the methods that will get you results for a reasonable fee. Beginners to advanced, young and old can always benefit from the skills of a professional Personal Trainer. They are a tremendous resource!

This article is intended to be provide knowledge of general health and fitness principles and is not medical advice. Please consult with a physician if you have questions.