By the Fitness and Member Services Staff at Century Fitness 

Here is a story that doesn’t get old… or so it seems. Century Fitness has a vast range of ages all working hard to achieve their goals. Not surprisingly, CFit has nearly twice the national average of Baby Boomers (55 years and up) compared to other clubs.

These Boomers are making it happen in big ways at CFit. If you check out some of our more intense Group Exercise classes such as Muscles ‘n Motion, and Hard-Core, especially in the morning, you’ll find almost the whole class is Baby Boomers. We’re not trying to make a point of member’s ages here – you’re as young as you feel. But we are definitely going to give huge credit for their hard work and dedication!

If we look beyond into the more “Golden Years” we see an amazing amount of member activity throughout the club. Our Aqua-robics class grew over the years to the point we had to add to the schedule. Thanks to staff role models and members who encourage others, older folks feel very comfortable and motivated to be involved… and many pump some serious iron, too!

So, whether you are a GenZ’er, a Millenial, or Gen X’er, you have a lot to look forward to in life and here at Century Fitness. We are happy to have all ages, walks of life and fitness levels mixed together with the common purpose of achieving better health, fitness and wellness.