I sincerely hope 2017 brings everyone good health, happiness and a bright future. Welcoming in the New Year often brings me back to reflect on events that impacted my life. I was a member of our very dear club way back in 1980. I was so excited to be working out in a real club for the first time! There were some “unique features” of the club at that time including separate men’s and women’s days. Eventually the club became fully coed and machines like the vibrating waistline thingy were replaced with more modern fitness equipment. My most cherished memories are the interactions with so many fantastic members. This was a huge factor in convincing me to work in the Health Club Industry.

You could say fitness changed my life, and as a Fitness Professional I truly enjoy hearing how members benefit from the club. I can also tell you that over the years working for dozens of clubs and doing business in hundreds of others – Century Fitness is completely amazing. We have such wonderful members and a dedicated staff team that gives the club a friendly, neighborly vibe. We also have the most committed owner I have ever met. The transformation of the club shines because of his thoughtfulness and re-investment.

So, let us know how we are doing in 2017. As your manager, I want to hear from you. We are better because of you!